anon: (archaic or literary)
- in a short time; soon

50:50 vision

80:20 insight

And this is where the story really starts …

Having deleted the WordPress set up post, there’s now an error sort of message on the Home page … so I thought I’d better write something quickly.

But what to write about? Who’s idea was this anyway?

OK … let’s try a bit of Culture (with a Capital ‘C’).

The other night while I was waiting for sleep to overtake me, I was listening to “Late Junction” on BBC Radio 3. For those of you plebs who don’t know, this is one of Radio 3′s non-classical programmes. Mark Luscome actually plays quite an eclectic mix. There was a mildly humourous¬† anti-war song from the 1980s which was quite catchy. There was a track which included electronic bagpipes and guitars and a

harp (of some sort) … he said it was Estonian … very atmospheric. There was also some stuff which was just plain weird … especially the Japanese tracks.

But there was one real gem … a track called ‘Riverside’ by Agnes Obel. It’s from her debut album called ‘Philharmonic’. Agnes is a Danish singer/songwriter, 30 years old this year. I was totally captivated by ‘Riverside’ … the composition, her beautiful singing voice. Today I went to to find her album and listen to the 30-second tasters of each track (bizarrely, these are almost never available on the site). It is certainly an album to go on my list.

I’ll have to use iPlayer to listen to it again.

James – More Anon

Editor’s Note: This post was written some time ago … when James was first playing with the idea of a blog. His use of the word ‘pleb‘ is unfortunate, but excusable. We would like to reassure readers that no policemen were upset during the writing of this blog.

October 2012