anon: (archaic or literary)
- in a short time; soon

50:50 vision

80:20 insight

Are the birds in my garden more discerning than Sainsbury’s shoppers?

I had an invite recently to a ‘bring-a-bottle, bring-a-dish’ picnic.

Although I should have made something outstanding for it, I ran out of time, and went to our local Sainsbury’s store. They had a selection of pastries and various chicken things, mostly on a ‘buy two and save’ offer. I bought a couple of chicken thigh dishes and some olives. I looked at my basket, and it didn’t look much. Taking shop-bought stuff is bad enough, but going with just a few things would be so embarrassing. So I added a tub of ‘beef pasties’ and a tub of mini cocktail sausage rolls.

We had a great afternoon … it was warm, there was plenty of food, and lots of interesting conversation. At the end, we reclaimed any food we’d brought that hadn’t been eaten. I don’t think anyone had been tempted by my mini cocktail sausage rolls – they were all still there. I tried one (up to that point, I’d been eating everyone else’s homemade food), and immediately knew why they’d not been eaten. Yuck!

So, I took them home – not because I wanted to eat them, but because I thought the avian visitors to my garden would appreciate them. Wrong again! After three days, they’ve hardly been touched. At this rate, they’ll end up in the bin (sorry, food waste).

I can’t imagine why these mini cocktail sausage rolls would have been a bad batch – that’s just the way they are. I expect Sainsbury’s sell millions of the things, but now I know the birds in my garden are more discerning than all those Sainsbury’s shoppers.