anon: (archaic or literary)
- in a short time; soon

50:50 vision

80:20 insight

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Where can I get legal rat meat?

I’m sorry … I just couldn’t resist this. The item on the BBC News website a while ago said, “Illegal rat meat ‘sold to public’” I read the headline and thought, by implication, there must also be ‘legal rat meat’ …. I wonder where I can buy some? My ‘Better Half’ (notice the capitalisation) oftenContinue Reading

We have a problem with our washing machine

We. This is a version of the royal ‘we’, as I have the problem with the washing machine, and my wife doesn’t. We don’t actually know if she would have the same problem with the washing machine, as she never uses it. Due to the division of labour in our household, worked out to mutualContinue Reading

Putting something by for my retirement

I’ve been thinking about retirement recently. Not because I’m going to stop working any time soon, but because I keep hearing the phrase “not getting any younger”. To start with, it’s a daft thing to say – it applies equally to the youngest baby and the oldest adult … ergo, it is true but unhelpful.Continue Reading