anon: (archaic or literary)
- in a short time; soon

50:50 vision

80:20 insight

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Ten ways to hide the pickled beetroot

We’ve got family visiting next week. That’s good – we enjoy having family come to stay for a few days (though it’s also nice when they go again!). The problems start when they …

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In trouble (again)

I’ve just been bearated (did you get that? ) by the editor-in-chief. Apparently, I haven’t been blogging as often as (he says) I should, and I haven’t been cracking the whip in the direction of Dan and Toni. Doesn’t he know we’re all very busy people? All he has to do is sit round on his knitted …

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Lost in translation

My first search was to find a commentary or interview with a Birmingham accent. Overall, it didn’t do very well … here’s a typical example: As you can see, it has some way to go. Perhaps the Brum accent (which wasn’t particularly broad) is just too much, so I found a video talking about somethingContinue Reading