anon: (archaic or literary)
- in a short time; soon

50:50 vision

80:20 insight

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I say, is anyone out there listening?

My Top Ten Shopping Tips

I’ve just spent time in one of our local supermarkets. I do this a couple of times a week, shopping for perishables like milk, veg and fruit. With the weekly food bill rising all the time, I’ve been working on ways to keep the costs down whenever possible. I’ve come up with a list ofContinue Reading

Pleasant surprises that shouldn’t be

Customer service has been through a revolution over the last ten or fifteen years. Much of this has been driven by our increasing reliance on the internet for everything from household utilities to entertainment. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been a quiet revolution. Quiet revolutions are not unheard of. The huge and generally beneficial social and economicContinue Reading

Charity collection bags – winners and losers

  Charity Collection agent Benefit to charity Age UK (Age Concern & Help the Aged) (none declared) (none declared) Children’s Hearts Audosta Ltd 75% of profits Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research East London Textiles At least £60,000 pa Cancer Research and Genetics UK Audosta Ltd £50 per tonne Great Western Air Ambulance Local Communities Recycling ServicesContinue Reading