anon: (archaic or literary)
- in a short time; soon

50:50 vision

80:20 insight

I got to choose the fonts!

I like things to look nice. So when James was setting the blog up, I insisted on some fonts which weren’t the usual plain old boring rubbish. We looked at Google fonts. I couldn’t find anything I liked which would display right. Has anyone else noticed that? Can’t remember which one, but I’ve seen one Google font (on some other blog) where all the ‘f’s look like they’re bold. How crap is that? ‘F‘ crap, actually.

I told him to look at Typekit fonts. He made that noise guys make, but a few jabs from my elbows made all the difference (how easily men can be swayed!).

You don’t know about Typekit and web fonts? Where have you been hiding?!

On the web we mostly have to put up with just a few old, tired, mis-used (=crap) fonts. I get so pissed with seeing the same old fonts, and Times Roman is pants, or worse. Now typography on the net is a reality. You can choose nice fonts for your website! They even have a free ‘plan’.

So I got to choose the fonts – whoopee!. So, what are they? All body copy is ‘Fertigo Pro’, and all headings are ‘Museo Sans’. Cos James is mean (well he’s got some Scots blood in him, so need I say more?) we’re signed up for the free Typekit account which only gives us two font families.

But no worries – the blog looks just fine.

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