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Invention is the mother of …?!

Watching Kevin McCloud the other week with his cabin in the woods, I was astonished by their process for making glue. The final product was quite impressive – much better than the stuff you can buy on the average high street.

After catching and skinning a few rabbits, Kevin explained that the fur needed to be removed from the skin. He claimed the old folk-lore method was to soak the skins in human urine, and the fur could then be removed fairly easily. After this, the skins are boiled up, and the final liquid dries (or sets) and, hey presto, you have rabbit glue.

Put together, it’s an unpleasant and nauseating process.

But have you stopped to think, as I did after the programme … how did someone invent or discover the process?

I often look at complex mechanical objects like car engines, and wonder how anyone could possibly design and build one. I know the internal combustion engine has been in development over a hundred years – no one has had to ‘invent’ the modern car engine from scratch. It’s been a series of developments, one on another.

But how did someone discover peeing on a rabbit made it’s fur drop out?

Bunny rabbit - Copyright (c) 123RF Stock Photos

Ed: Err … wrong type of bunny, Dan.

For a start, it’s not easy getting that close to a rabbit, and it probably wouldn’t stand still long enough for more than a splash or two. Perhaps someone’s pet rabbit was dowsed by father on his way home from the pub. Did someone pee randomly on a pile of old rabbit skins that just happened to be lying about? Could the scraping and washing (in boiling water) have been mother’s attempt to clean said rabbit before Little Flossie found out?

The final product was a brown rubbery substance which has to be heated and diluted to make glue. Perhaps, having unsuccessfully cleaned the rabbit and had all it’s fur drop out, mother then discovered there was a brown substance in the bottom of the pan. But wouldn’t any sane person just throw the whole lot away, and buy Flossie a new rabbit?

My personal belief is that a race of fiendish aliens gave humankind a recipe for rabbit stew. In our very human way, we managed to mess it up, and produce glue instead.

Perhaps Kevin McCloud is an alien?

Dan – More Anon …