anon: (archaic or literary)
- in a short time; soon

50:50 vision

80:20 insight

Putting something by for my retirement

I’ve been thinking about retirement recently. Not because I’m going to stop working any time soon, but because I keep hearing the phrase “not getting any younger”.

To start with, it’s a daft thing to say – it applies equally to the youngest baby and the oldest adult … ergo, it is true but unhelpful. People say it as if it’s a dire warning of impending doom, and you (whoever they’re saying it to) should jolly well buck your ideas up/grow up/give up … whichever is appropriate.

I don’t want to slip into a retirement of slippers by the fire, daytime TV and a good pension plan. I want to give retirement, or at least the notion of it, a good kicking it won’t forget. To this end I’ve decided to be grumpy, difficult, and eccentric … especially the latter.

This is going to take some practice as I don’t consider myself grumpy or difficult (but just in case this isn’t the consensus, I may remove the ‘comments’ box on this post). I’ve decided to leave these until closer to the day I retire.

Eccentric (odd, strange, funny in the head) is something I already aspire to. It’s fun – especially watching the effect it has on others – so I’m putting all my retirement preparation energy in to it.

And I’ve come up with the perfect starting point … something for my bottom drawer, so to speak.

As I write this post, I’m sitting here with my right big toe peeping out of my black-with-orange-detail sock. ‘How is that eccentric?’ I hear you ask. Well, it isn’t in itself. It’s just that a couple of weeks ago, my big toe was peeping out of a black-with-green-detail sock. Do you see what’s coming, eh?

I now have two pairs of odd socks. The two without holes (black with orange and green detail) will go into my bottom drawer so I can wear odd socks when I retire, and the two with the holes can go to the charity shop. Not right away, of course, I’ll save that pleasure for when I’m old and eccentric.