anon: (archaic or literary)
- in a short time; soon

50:50 vision

80:20 insight

Some introductions …

Here’s a short intro to each of the writers of More Anon. Rather than the usual head-shot or cartoon, we thought a picture which says something about each of us would be a fine idea.

James- I’m a writer, sometimes using a pen, sometimes a keyboard … I don’t often write with a crayon any more. My hero? Dr John Watson.

Dan – Dan is a lot of things, which is good for us. Actually, Dan used to be known as Desperate on account of his appetite and hollow legs.  You know how people say, “Oh, he’s a bit like so-and-so”? Well, Dan isn’t like anybody or anything. Dan’s hero and alter-ego is Desperate Dan of course.

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Toni – Antonia (oh, she does hate being called Antonia!), Toni is here to provide some balance to the blog, so it isn’t too ‘blokey’. Despite her slender and diminutive size, she more than balances out James and Dan. And she has very sharp elbows. While looking for a suitable image for Toni, James and Dan came across Iria, a very attractive blaster-toting alien bounty hunter … that’s our Toni – dangerous as hell, but a stunner! Apart from the movie and 6-part anime, Iria lives on in this figurine from the US.

We may well recruit others into our select band in the fullness of time, to ensure we cover the whole of life’s rich tapestry … or as Dan would say, “Just the bits we’re interested in.”