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- in a short time; soon

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Something for nothing?

PhonepayPlus is the organisation that regulates phone-paid services in the UK. According to a news item on the BBC website (“Record £800,000 fine for premium phone line”), the regulator is getting tough with the companies who are ripping off thousands of consumers.

These companies have been running competitions, advertised in national newspapers, which end up with people phoning premium rate numbers to find out what they’ve won, or to move on to the next stage. Some of these calls can cost £1.53 a minute, and with call times between 3 minutes and 7 minutes (each time), it soon adds up.

Much of this information is usually hidden away in the aptly-titled ‘small print’. But who reads this stuff? Having recently opened a new business bank account, there was reams of terms and conditions, none of which I’ve read.

Copyright (c) 123RF Stock PhotosThese companies are taking advantage of us (especially the elderly), but it is our own fault too. I think it’s part of human nature (well, in western cultures anyway) … to want and believe you can get something for nothing. It’s a mixture of naivety and greed (sorry, it’s an ugly word, but why dress it up?).

Remember: these companies run these schemes to make money. That means they are taking our money, so read the small print.

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