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Stop those litter louts

I religiously watch Countryfile on BBC1. This is one of my favourite programmes as it combines so many facets of life in the UK into a single magazine-style format. John Craven is a veteran of quality TV journalism and broadcasting, and one of his pieces was about litter.

Yes, you just read right – LITTER – on prime-time mainstream TV.

litter louts

Litter – it’s everywhere!

It was about the litter people drop in the streets, throw from their cars, or dump on someone else’s land. It has reached epidemic proportions. And just at a time when local government and landowners can’t afford to spend more money on the clear up.

But why should they?

It’s about time this problem was tackled at source –

that’s those people who dump the rubbish – and it’s up to me and you.

While you’re out and about, watch out for people dropping rubbish. When you see someone just drop their rubbish, get your phone out and take their picture. If they’re in a car, get their number. Then, send the photo to the local council with the details of when, where, and what litter was dropped.

If you see someone fly-tipping (dumping rubbish on other people’s land or public spaces), take a picture or a note of their vehicle number, and send it with full details to your council’s Environment department.

The more of us who do this, the more ammunition your council will have in the war against litter.

One more thing – don’t approach fly-tippers – they know they’re breaking the law, and could get very nasty if you try to intervene.

After you’ve read this, pass the link onto family and friends, and ask them to take action too.

It’s our Big Society – don’t let anyone spoil it for everyone.

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