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Tattoos are a touchy subject

Tattoos are a touchy subject. If you’ve just been to a parlour, you might not even be able to sit down! They’re a topic which splits people into two very opposite camps – you either love ‘em or hate ‘em. Or you’re undecided.

There was an article on the BBC News site about Maori tattoos ( ). It said the word ‘tattoo’ originated in the South Seas where lots of local tribes used tattoos to show things like bravery and honour, and sailors brought the practice and the word home to Europe.

Tattooing’s a bit like body piercing – more or less okay in small quantities … sure to get the old’uns (e.g. parents) hot under the collar when it gets out of hand. Half the female population have either their ears or navel pierced, or both. Multiple ear and nose piercings are visible, and I think piercings in more intimate places are probably more common than people think. Just as well they can’t be seen, mostly.

Small tattoos are quite a common ‘decoration’ on younger women, often in out-of-the-way places. Less common in women than men are the much larger arm, leg, back or neck tattoos. Generally, I think other people don’t find these attractive – I must admit I don’t. While I ‘ve been told I’m a bit of a tomboy (where do parents get these weird labels from?), I want to be feminine. And I don’t feel I could be that with a large tattoo.

It’s difficult to say why women have large tattoos. I’ve asked a few, and mates pressure seems to play a part. Some just say “because I want a tattoo”, which isn’t helpful at all.

A full-face tattoo

This isn’t a Maori tattoo!

I personally don’t find them attractive on men either. It can look a bit like they haven’t washed, and I really don’t want to go to bed with a guy like that! I probably shouldn’t says this (but I’m going to anyway), but tattoos seem working class (got that term from my parents, too). I know Robbie Williams has tattoos, but actually that just reinforces my opinion of him and tattoos.

Do I come across as stuck up? I don’t think I am, and my friends would think you were having a laugh. Mum and Dad say I was a difficult teenager and a rebel (what fun I had!), but I like to think I’m a thinking rebel. I know lots of girls from school had tattoos when they were old enough … and quite a few now wish they hadn’t – they’d really like to rub them out.

For me, that’s the biggest negative – what if I change my mind? I don’t want to be disfigured by a tattoo or my attempts to get rid of it. I’m not trying to convince anyone …. just say what I think – the image above is gross.

I think he's cute!

I think he’s cute!

I have got a small tattoo, and that ‘s not hypocritical. It’s hidden away where I see it every day, and no one else does (unless they get in my pants). And I’ve got piercings too. For me, it’s for subtle decoration not disfigurement, honour or bravery.

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