anon: (archaic or literary)
- in a short time; soon

50:50 vision

80:20 insight


I bought my mum some tulips the other day from one of the supermarkets. I found a lovely bunch, red in colour, and they looked in good condition. You do have to be careful with supermarket flowers. So often they’ve been damaged by other shoppers. They pull bunches out, sniff them, and then stuff them back in the pot again very roughly. Sometimes they don’t even bother to put them back in the water.

I must confess I was also attracted by the ‘25% extra’ sticker.

Then I read the small print (I always read the small print!). “Nine stems for the price of seven”.

Now I’m no maths genius. In fact we used to bunk off when maths was the last lesson of the day. Playing music in someone’s bedroom and slagging off all the other girls was much more fun.

Back to the tulips. You can’t do 25% of 7. It just doesn’t work. Two extra stems is 28.6%. Maybe it

doesn’t look so good, but doesn’t the right answer count for anything?

Red tulips - Copyright (c) 123RF Stock PhotosBut I think I know what happened. I think tulips used to be sold in bunches of 8 stems. Then, 25% extra would have made sense. I also think they reduced the bunch to 7 stems without lowering the price to make more profit. Now the 25% extra doesn’t work – either their maths is worse than mine, or more likely they think we won’t notice they’ve removed a stem.

These supermarkets think they’re so smart.

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