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When is ‘unlimited’ not infinite?

Apparently, I have what I thought of as the Ranter’s Spot here at More Anon, but now I’ve been told that’s too negative. So, apologies all round – this is the ’50:50 vision’ category – the place to come for comment where you can see the wood for the trees. Just the same, I’ve been bloody typecast again. Oh well, here we go.

A popular anti-BT image from the 70s

A popular anti-BT image from the 70s

Had a couple of letters from BT recently. Not personal letters, just mail outs. BT makes some amazing claims, and if you don’t know anything about the technology or don’t read the small print, you could easily be taken in.

Take, for example, the ‘UNBEATABLE wireless connection’. Okay, so this is strictly true, but only because they are using kit built to the Wireless ‘N’ standard and everyone’s Wireless ‘N’ kit delivers the same performance – that’s the whole point of a standard.

The other claim relates to ‘UNLIMITED wi-fi minutes’ through their hot-spots. The Ts &Cs for this used to be on the flyer. This was too obvious, so they’ve been moved.

When you eventually find the terms and conditions on the BT website, point 4 includes:

“you will automatically be able to use unlimited** minutes”

Further down you find out what the ** means:

** Subject to a Fair Use Policy of 10,000 minutes per month. If you exceed this in any given month your BTFON access will be suspended until the next month.”

Now, if you do your sums, you’ll find there are 40,320 minutes in a 28-day month.

My Concise Oxford Dictionary says UNLIMITED means “not limited or restricted; infinite”.

Clearly BT and their sales and marketing people don’t own a dictionary between them.

Now, would you believe anything BT say?

Dan – More Anon …