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Why should I pay more for my car insurance?

Last year I read that the European Court of Justice was to rule on sex discrimination in insurance. Apparently, men (it just has to be the men) think they’re being discriminated against because they have to pay more for their car insurance.

Of course they do … they drive like idiots (please note: this is a generalisation, a true one).

Then a few months later I found out those misguided, disconnected idiots (being generous here) at the European Court of Justice, have ruled the insurance companies can’t charge different premiums based on sex.

I thought the insurance companies charged based on risk. It’s not my fault I’m a better risk. Why should I pay more? Isn’t that some form of discrimination too?

I’ve just had a thought: will they rule next on age discrimination? I don’t want to pay the same life insurance premium as someone twice my age. It’s just not fair.

The European Court of Justice is fast becoming the European Court of Farce!

Not my boobs - European Court of Justice boobs

Not my boobs – European Court of Justice boobs

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